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Our company has successfully purchased and sold over a thousand homes since 2003. Our unique ability to scrutinize and choose only the right properties, in selective neighborhoods, for the best available price, is what makes us stand out from our competitors. After all, a wise investor does not look at price alone.  Location, as always, makes the difference in any business venture.  When in comes to residential property, the familiarity of the local area determines the quality of tenancy and reliability of the return income.  Knowing the difference between a "diamond in the rough" verses just something old, takes a mindful eye.   These significant factors in turn will set the value of the home. We use a vast network of agents, brokers, banks, and many other sources to create a valuable real estate portfolio for our clients.  Let us focus our resources to help you create a nest egg for your future.  


Jennifer Bristow has been in the real estate business for over 15 years.  In 2003 she established an independent company focused on finding undervalued real property. These investments offer her clients passive income at capitalization rates multiple times higher than any other investment available.  Jennifer's specialty of creating high return investments range from note buying, to direct home purchase.  Let her expertise guide you to financial freedom.



Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with. I've purchased a number of properties but I have never felt more comfortable with a broker/seller in my life. On my first phone call with her I had all the information and comfort I needed and bought the property before we hung up. Looking forward in doing additional business with Jennifer now and in the future. What a gem in a cut throat business !!
- Scott R.
San Francisco

I have found Jennifer Bristow very easy to work with throughout the whole process of buying a property from her.
Even though I live in Australia the process flowed very smoothly. I found Jennifer a very caring person towards my goals.
Listens to what I had to say and guided me through. Gave me sound advice on any future houses I want to buy in the U.S.
I have no fears and will not hesitiate to purchase properties through Jennifer again. I'd do it in a heartbeat at the time.
Makes a nice change to have an honest agent that describes the homes she has for sale very accurately.
I have no hesitiation in recommending Jennfer Bristow's services to anyone. Excellent experience.

P. Carpenter
New South Wales

It’s not easy for an investor purchases Real-Estate property from out of state. The reason was lot of unknown Real-Estate regulation from state to state and hard to complete your due diligence on site as well. I changed my thought since I purchased 1st Cash Flow property in Ohio (OH) from Jennifer Bristow last year Dec. 2011. Buying Property from Jennifer as easy as one, two, three. She responds my call and answers my Email very fast. She also provides an honest and professional Property Manager (PM) to take care my property. I just relax sit back and collect the Cash Flow (rental check) every month. I purchased two more properties from her Company USA Equity LLC and going to close by next month.
Mr. Lam
New Jersey Investor

I purchased my first house from Jennifer in August and have nothing but praise for this extraordinary business woman. Jennifer eagerly goes above and beyond your highest expectations of someone you want to do business with. I am a Canadian living overseas and have very limited access to the internet. Being oversees with limited internet access makes it hard to do any business let alone buy a house. Jennifer has been very patient and very very helpful in getting everything set up for me. She has voluntarily bent over backwards time and again for me taking care of things that she can for me. Some of the legal things that she cannot take care of for me, she gave me all of the necessary information for me to take care it myself. I have been so impressed with Jennifer that I have since purchased 2 more houses from her. She is on the top of my list when looking for investment properties. She not only looks after you during the purchase phase, but she will continue to look after you, making the whole process as smooth as possible. I look forward to doing much more business with Jennifer in the future. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to buy a house.

Kris L.
Carnival Cruise Lines

"I purchased my first property from Jennifer about 7-8 months ago and I am very happy with the process so far, she has always been helpful with whatever I need and very good about answering the million questions I had along the fact, I'm planning on buying my second investment from her very soon"
California, USA

Believe it or not I met Jennifer online from another real estate investment website and after talking at length to her she convinced me that she was a professional and knew how to make money in this market! After buying just one property from her I knew that I had found a goldmine in both her knowledge and expertise in the Ohio real estate market. Since I live in California and have no desire to fly out to Ohio, I rely on her to act as my eyes and ears and help me throughout the buying and renting process. She makes it so easy and about as turnkey as you can get as an absentee landlord. I bought my first house with her in December 2009 and in three months bought 7 more! Now I have a steady stream of passive income and am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be a Landlord without all of the headaches! Jennifer is honest and best of all is a woman of her "WORD" and stands by each and every property that she sells. I would highly recommend Jennifer’s properties/service to any of my close friends and family members...and as a matter of fact...I already have! Thanks Jennifer and let's do some more business...!
Glen F.

Encino, CA

To Whom It May Concern:
My wife and I are full time Realtors in California. Due to the recent economy, we had been looking for new avenues of return for our investments.  Real estate is something we are very familiar with and we began to consider tax lien properties as rentals, in order to create some sort of passive income.  Our research directed us to an online auction site.  It was here that we watched and studied properties and sellers of those properties for over a month.
 We finally decided to make a purchase on a home in the suburbs of Youngstown, Ohio.  In fact, the seller on this property had a couple of other homes that we were also interested in.  After making the purchase we decided to call the seller direct to discuss other possible investments.  That seller was Jennifer Bristow, and she turned out to be a “Godsend.” We soon bought a second property from her then a third etc.  Under Jennifer’s direction we have done over a dozen real estate transactions in the Youngstown area over the last two years.  The returns, we have gotten on our investments with her, have ranged from 15% up to as much as 32%.  JENNIFER KNOWS HER STUFF! She has served us as property manager, consultant, and liaison for all our investments.  Her integrity and loyalty after two years have not only made her a trusted associate, but a dear friend as well. 
Andre and Corinna I.
Orange County, CA

Jennifer Bristow has proven to be very helpful to us as we have worked on developing our business.  She has been honest, forthright, very professional and knowledgeable in all of our business dealings with her.  We would recommend Jennifer to anyone interested in pursuing real estate investments. 
David and Celia G.
SixGun Enterprises, Texas

My name is Susan and I now sit in a home that I love.
We found Jennifer Bristow who lives out of the area, but who has people in the area who help her conduct business.  I'm telling ya, if your buying a house want that girl on your side!  She jumped through hoops for us!  Don't be skeptical about doing business with USA Equity and Jennifer Bristow; I know that for a fact because I'm sitting in my computer room in the house I never could've gotten without Jennifer Bristow  & USA Equity.  They are the real thing!!! 

Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has stood by her product and has been great with follow up. I have purchased 3 notes from her in the last year and they have been cash flow machines. I look forward to buying more notes from her.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Jennifer's contact information online.  Since speaking with her on the first day I knew I was in good hands.  As a first time investor in Real Estate notes, Jennifer guided me through the process and explained each step in great detail.  Her knowledge and guidance enabled me to make an educated decision on a worthwhile investment.  I am looking forward to working with USA Equity on future opportunities to secure my financial future. Thank you so much for all the individual attention you provided !!
New York City  Fireman


USA Equity LLC is dedicated to the memory of Sgt. John A. Bristow (POW WWII), Betty B. Bristow, and Jeannine R. Hahn, M.D. from whom we learned the value of integrity, respect, and determination in any dream worth living. “Stubbornness” can be a good trait when the path of choice is not the easiest way…. but the one you believe is right.

“Can’t is not in our vocabulary!”


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