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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. What is the price of the property?    
 The price of the property is listed with each posted home.  There are no hidden fees, fines, or liens on any of our properties.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Package deals available at deeper discounts!

2. Are there any back taxes or liens?  Are your properties Free and Clear?
               We never have any back taxes or liens on any property we sell. 
Every Home and Note is GUARANTEED Free and Clear.

3. How much are the yearly taxes?
            The annual tax on our properties are set by the county.   We choose homes for our site that have the lowest tax rates available.  The range will be between a low of a few hundred dollars to a high of approximately one thousand.  Please contact us on a specific home and we will gladly give you the tax amount for that property. 

4. Do you accept International Buyers?
            We welcome International bidders from ANY country.  We make this a simple, secure safe and easy closing process.  You do not need to be present to purchase this home.  

5. How much are closing costs and what does that fee cover.
            The $795 closing cost covers Attorney Fees, Title Insurance, Title Insurance Binder, Deed Preparation, and Recording Fees.
This is also the deposit required to hold a home with the “Buy it Now” option.

6. May I see the house?
            Yes, you are welcome to drive by the home.  If it is a rented property, let us make arrangements to give consideration to the renters in the home. 

7. Do you have owner financing as an option?
                We offer owner financing on some of our unoccupied homes.  The options are listed under our “For Rent or Land Contract” page. 
As far as our Notes For Sale and Tenanted Homes For Sale, we do not offer financing.  These homes are priced for outright purchases so that our clients can take advantage of the immediate monthly cash return.

8.  Do I need to be concerned with lead paint testing?
             We do not purchase or sell homes that have been tested positive for lead paint, and we recommend others do the same.  We advise buyers to ask sellers if a lead paint test has been conducted.

9. The prices on your homes are so low and your returns are very high.  Why are you selling and how can you make a business selling at these prices?
            Yes, the returns are very high!  That is how we keep our clients happy.  USA Equity creates investments that offer uniquely high CAP rates and Yields.  Our business plan is to grow the portfolio of many clients.  Instead of over pricing our properties (creating a larger profit margin) we choose wholesale prices and higher volume to offer a product that more people can afford.  The success of our company is due to consistent sales, great customer service, and repeat investors.

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